While we don’t advocate you trying to tackle your big plumbing issues for your home insurance’s sake, there is a range of plumbing supplies that any household should have to tackle small issues. If you are in the La Habra area and are having bigger issues, or you’d rather not mess with your plumbing, contact Complete Plumbing Heating and Air for professional plumbing services at a fair price. For the rest of our readers, we have a few affordable tools that can help you tackle your minor plumbing problems.

Rubber Gloves

This is a lesson that only experience can teach. Get some proper rubber gloves that will protect you hands and wrists from some of the dirtier aspects of plumbing. Having gloves simply helps to keep your hands clean without the loss of too much dexterity. On top of that, higher-end gloves often have grippy parts that can help when working on a plumbing issue.


If you don’t already have a plunger, you should. This is a handy tool for moving clogs in toilets, bathtubs, sinks, or anywhere else you can get a seal—just disinfect your sink or tub after using it. It’s a brilliantly simple tool that allows you to change the pressure around a clog and get it moving. To plunge correctly, you want to warm your plunger up before using it. A cold plunger will be more stiff and can get stuck out of shape. This can really spell disaster as getting it back in shape can result in water from the toilet getting flung everywhere. Adding dishwasher detergent and hot water then letting it sit for a few minutes can help break up a clog before plunging.

Pipe Wrench And Bucket

Since most problems in sinks occur in the U bend pipe just under your sink, it can be beneficial to simply remove it, clean it out, and reattach it or replace it. When doing this, be sure to have a bucket under the U bend to catch the water as it drains out. Having towels around can be good to help clean up any missed water.

Pliers X2

Pliers are handy in an exceedingly long list of home maintenance projects. In plumbing they can be handy in tightening loose pipes, and for working with mechanical mechanisms like the inner workings of a toilet (don’t worry, the water in the upper half is the same that comes out of your faucet). They can help you reach and pull out objects that are jammed in the pipe, or if you want to retrieve and not wash down—like wedding rings. Get two for more dexterity.

We hope that this short list helps you get prepared for the little plumbing issues. For all the bigger issues, call your local plumber or if you live in the La Habra area, Complete Plumbing Heating and Air provides excellent service and professional plumbing at a far price. Call today for a free quote!