What can we say HARD WATER is a nuisance! It ruins appliances and plumbing. Not to mention the effects on our bodies, itchy dry skin and hair!

Southern California water travels 225 miles to get to our home. Water travels over rocks, dirt and sand picking up many minerals which stay suspended in the water. These suspended minerals can cause many problems for our modern-day plumbing systems and appliances.


  • Scale build up on faucets

  • Scale build up on appliances

  • Sediment build up inside tank style water heaters

  • Destroys Electric water heaters

  • Destroys Tankless water heaters

  • Granular debris in faucet screens, shower heads and other fixtures

  • Build up in your piping system

As a master plumber for over 30 years, I have not found any benefits to hard water. Some would have you believe that there are health benefits, quite the contrary! We have talked with many customers whose children have suffered with skin conditions they believe was caused by hard water: Eczema, dry itchy skin, rashes and much more. Minerals as a health benefit, are absorbed into our bodies from the foods we eat. Waters primary function is to hydrate!


The only way to eliminate hard water issues is to REMOVE THE MINERALS FROM THE WATER COMPLETELY then dispose of them down the drain or into a grey water system for watering landscape. This process is known as Ion Exchange. Resin beads act like little magnets that attract the dissolved minerals in the water which then “cling” together around them. Once full, they need to be rinsed clean with potassium or sodium water solution called brine. After the beads are rinsed with the brine solution, they are washed again with clean water removing all but trace amounts of any residual brine solution, leaving the resin beads to attract new minerals and start the process all over again.

AQUASOFT water softener systems by AQUALISTIC makes this process happen automatically and effortlessly.

The AQUASOFT water softener system provides:

  • Programmable hardness settings. Don’t want your water 100% soft, no problem we will program the hardness level to your desired comfort.
  • Minimal water waste. Our digital computer control counts the gallons and regenerates according to water usage.
  • Digital, push button controls
  • 10-year parts and labor warranty on all components
  • Assembled locally in Southern California