Sewer and drain systems are never thought about or even considered in our daily lives until something goes wrong; a breakage or a stoppage, then they become on top of our priority list!

Just think about it, millions of people using sewers and drain several times a day bathing, dishes, toilets … you get the idea. Raw sewage flowing through your piping system under your home then into the city street main or septic system. If not handled and treated properly it can become a real problem.

Overhead Sewer System

Your home is designed to have a separate drain line from every fixture that connects together into one pipe called the building sewer that eventually connect to the city sewer in the street. Some homes outside of the city will have their own private sewer system and septic tank.

Sewer Line Repairs Service


House drain lines and sewer systems, if installed properly, should work trouble-free for many years. When problems do occur, it is usually because of one or more of these issues:

PROBLEM: TREE ROOTS- tree roots can enter into the drain system a number of ways but most commonly through breaks or cracks in the piping usually this occurs in the main sewer line outside the home under the yard. Problem is when the main sewer line backs up it will affect ALL the other fixtures in the home.

SOLUTION: The only way to properly remove tree roots is either with a machine that utilizes a thick cable and a cutter head on the end, The other option is to use a machine that utilizes a gas-powered motor that pumps water at a very high pressure to a rotating nozzle at the end of a special hose. This system is called a water jetter. In our opinion, the water jetter is the best way to clear roots from a sewer.

The problem is that when this is done, it is just like pruning a tree, the roots grow back faster and thicker. For an economical solution, it is recommended that after cleaning the line with a water jetter you wait a few weeks then treat the line with a foaming root destroyer. When tree roots grow back looking for water and get a taste of the root destroyer they will look for other sources. Most root destroyers only kill the roots that have gotten in the sewer line and not the whole tree.

A more permanent solution is to insert a thin layer of epoxy that coats the inside of the sewer pipe called a sewer liner. This is a more costly option but will last for several years.

People looking for a permanent solution will want to check out our pipe bursting technology. This involves sending a tool down the sewer line that breaks it up while simultaneously pulling a brand new pipe right behind it in place of the old one.

PROBLEM: GREASE- Grease can be a major problem for drain lines and sewer systems. Once inside the pipe it is very hard to get removed. It goes in usually in a liquid state but can solidify and catch other debris going down the drain line.

SOLUTION: While a lot of plumbing companies will use a cable machine with a spoon on the end, this does not remove the grease entirely. The best machine to use is a small electric high-pressure water jetter with a rotating nozzle. This tool will scour the pipe and at the same time wash away the grease. After cleaning the line it is best to use an enzyme to keep the grease from building up again.

PROBLEM: TOILET STOPPAGES- In the old day’s toilets used 5 gallons of water for every flush, this was a terrible waste of water. New toilets are mandated to flush on 1.25 gallons of water or less. They can do this because toilet designs have changed. Toilets now have a larger flush valve and throat openings to be able to flush quickly. Toilets are designed to get the debris out of the bowl and into the sewer system but because they only have a little over a gallon to work with the debris that was flushed into the sewer system is dependent on other fixture water to send them into the street main sewer system. This becomes a problem with the introduction of feminine products and baby wipes. THESE PRODUCTS ARE NOT MADE TO BE FLUSHED DOWN THE TOILET even if the package states “Flushable”. They will make it out of the bowl and start accumulating in the sewer line and the next thing you know Main Sewer Line Stoppage!

SOLUTION: Do not put baby wipes or feminine products down your toilet. Do not use more toilet paper than necessary. Do not put any sanitizers or cleansers in the toilet bowl or tank. Remember that in an emergency where there is no water available the toilet tank and water heater are great sources of freshwater.

If you do have a sewer or drain problem remember Complete Plumbing is only a phone call away and will solve your problem ASAP. We have the necessary tools and equipment to handle your drain problem quickly and economically.