You would normally think this phrase means a pipe bursting causing damages and problems. Thankfully this is not always the case. Simply put new technology now allows plumbers to send a device inside a pipe and burst it while pulling a new pipe in its place. This may save hundreds or even thousands in excavation and damages versus replacing the underground piping.

The pipe bursting process begins by use of electronic pipe location which will show the exact
location of the pipe as well as the depth. Entry and exit holes are used to access the pipe a
cable is inserted at the exit hole and fed upstream to the entry hole. At the entry hole a conical bursting head with the new pipe is inserted and hydraulically pulled through the old pipe “bursting” the old pipe while replacing it with the new pipe. The new pipe is connected to the existing system with minimal excavation.

Pipe bursting is used for water, gas and sewer lines. It is a great solution when under driveways, slab flooring inside of homes, places with costly floor coverings, restaurants with a lot of equipment, parking lots and homes with long pipe runs and terrain that is not easily excavated. If you have ongoing sewer problems or leaking pipes that you have been putting off a repair because the costs were extensive; Call Complete Plumbing, Heating, and Air Conditioning today for a free no-obligation consultation. We have plumbers available in Orange County, Riverside, San Bernardino, and Los Angeles counties ready to help.