Today’s camera technology is great for helping with sewer and drain problems that were very costly in the past. We now have cameras that are so small they can go through the bowl of your toilet all the way up to robotic cameras on wheels that inspect sewer piping so large you can walk inside!

No more guessing. Today’s sewer cameras have bright LED lights and crystal clear imaging so you can see exactly what the inside of your sewer piping looks like.
Complete Plumbing utilizes the highest quality cameras, high resolution monitors with built in recording options to email the video for your review. Our camera systems also have a built in transmitter referred to as a Sonde. This transmitter allows us to trace the sewer line and know exactly how deep it is from beginning to end. This helps dramatically for sloping or “bellies” in the piping. By knowing the depth, if the line should need to be excavated we are able to provide accurate job costing.

Complete Plumbing offers FREE CAMERA INSPECTIONS with a paid sewer line cleaning!

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