Electric water heaters are not as common as their gas water heater cousins. Electric water
heaters are more costly to operate than gas water heaters, but provide a good option when gas is not available, or venting cannot be done.

Electric water heaters normally require 220v and a twin circuit breaker to operate. 120v models are available but cannot produce hot water as quickly as the 220v models. Most electric water heaters have an upper and lower element and thermostat to control the heating of the water.

The installation location of an electric water heater is not as complicated as gas water heaters because they do not require vent piping, combustion clearances and in some cases earthquake bracing. They can be installed under stairwells, in attics, under counters and a variety of other locations. They do require a temperature and pressure relief valve and drain line to the outside of the building so you must keep this in mind when considering a location.