What is Jetter?
A Sewer Jetter goes by many names; Hydro- Jetter, Water Jetter or simply Jetter. A High
Pressure Water Jetter is a machine powered by electricity or gas that increases water pressure through the use of a pump. The water is then routed through a hose with varying types of nozzles (depending on the type of stoppage). The high-pressure water and nozzle are very effective in scouring the entire inside of the pipe while washing debris away to the city’s main sewer system.

When would I need a Jetter?
Jetters, when properly used is the best way to clean a number of stoppages:
GREASE- Jetters are great at breaking up large chunks of grease while washing away into a
much larger city main. This is especially effective for restaurants and commercial plumbing

TREE ROOTS- Tree roots in sewer lines are very common in Orange, Los Angeles, Riverside, and San Bernardino counties because of the limited rainfall. Tree roots are searching for water constantly. When there is a compromise in the sewer system via a crack or separation, water can leak and the roots will find it. Once the roots have found the water, they will then find their way into the pipe and grow larger and stronger.

BELLIES AND FLAT SPOTS- Due to earthquakes, ground and dirt settling and sometimes improper piping installations, sewer and drain lines are not sloped properly allowing for sludge build-up in the pipe. Cables even with the proper head attachments will go right through the sludge without removing it, the sludge then collapses right back as the cable is removed causing the pipe to stop up again. A high-pressure water jetter scours and washes away the sludge. While this is not a permanent solution, it does allow for longer time periods between stoppages and proves to be more economical than digging up and repairing the sewer or drain line.

PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE- One of the best ways to ensure trouble-free service from your main sewer line and drain lines is to have a properly sized cleanout installed, then run a cable through the drain followed by a high-pressure water jetter yearly. With this service, Complete Plumbing will use a sewer camera inspection to verify the work was performed correctly and thoroughly.